Top Tips For Inkjet Cartridges

Are you really tired of using up your ink cartridges too soon? Or spending too much on replacements? Or does your cartridge give up on you, just when you need it the most? We would like to share a few tips to help you not only keep your cartridges in super condition but also save money.


It is not a god idea to let your cartridge run out of ink completely. The print head gets damaged if the ink gets drained out completely while you are still firing commands on your printer. Having said that, we, at Quality Cartridge, advise our customers to wait before rushing and replacing the cartridge, as soon as a warning pops up on your screen. A counter installed in the printer counts the number of pages that passes through the machine and accordingly estimates the amount of ink that these pages must have consumed. For instance, if you kept running blank pages through the printer, you would still get warnings on your screen claiming that your cartridge is running out of ink. You may actually continue printing until the quality of the print deteriorates or till the prints become fuzzy. That is ideally a good time to refill or replace your cartridge.


If you ever had to clean the print head, make sure that you do not rub the copper plate with your bare fingers. Refer to the printer manual to see how to clean the printer head.


Omar Khan, industry veteran, informs that cartridges can last up to 5 years with care, as long as the powder inside the cartridge doesn’t harden, there is no physical damage and/ or the toner does not heat up. Caution should be exercised by not storing toners in a hot or damp place. He advises that it is okay if you see a little powder on the cartridge, just wipe it off gently. However, if it leaks, he suggests that the cartridge could be damaged and should be replaced.


Store your colour cartridges in an upright position. This will avoid cross contamination of colours that occurs if cartridges are kept lying on a side.


We know you use black and white printer cartridge for plain black content. But adding even a tiny hint of colour automatically causes the printer switch to the colour cartridge. This causes even black colour to be created from a combination of colours from the colour cartridge. So, if that tiny amount of colour doesn’t really matter on your document, avoid it, and your colour cartridge will last you a longer time.


Immediately after setting up a new or refilled ink cartridge, test print on two pages to settle the new cartridge.


Use your printer at regular intervals. Leaving them unused for a long time renders the ink dry which also clogs the cartridge nozzles. Run at least 1 page a week so that ink doesn’t dry up.


If you are working with a high volume of prints per day, Quality Cartridge advises you to switch to laser printing. The laser printer’s sharper printing abilities combined with faster output makes for an ideal choice in this case.