Cheap Original and OEM cartridges online!

You’ve been working tirelessly on an important report and finally, when it’s all ready, you hit print. Instead of seeing physical copies of your report, you are greeted with the much-despised red light flashing on your printer and your sigh which was supposed to be an expression of relief mere seconds ago now changes tracks and turns into one of frustration. Your printer is out of ink. Time to get a new toner cartridge but you do not know which to choose – OEM or Compatible?

What is the difference between OEM and Compatible cartridges? Which of the two should you choose? And the most important of all, why? Read on to get answers to the What, Which and Why of toner cartridges.


The Difference

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. So OEM toner cartridges are those cartridges that are manufactured by your printer brand manufacturer. If you own a Brother printer, then Brother toner cartridges are OEM cartridges for your printer. A genuine brand cartridge will promise you unmatched quality but will also cost you at least 50% more than a compatible toner.

Compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by recycling empty toner cartridges. Used cartridges are unassembled, cleaned and checked for any damaged components. After replacing any worn out parts, the cartridge is filled with toner and sealed. As compatible toners are made by recycling, they are comparatively cheaper and are also less harmful to the environment. At Quality Cartridge, all our compatible toner cartridges are manufactured at our London workshop, tested for quality and offer you savings up to 80% over OEM toner cartridges.


The Pricing

Now that the difference in the product is clear, the next obvious question is why the ridiculous difference in pricing. OEM toner cartridges require a whole lot of resources like engineering grade polymer, rubber, foam, toner and more for production. One laser toner requires around 3.5 litres of oil in its manufacturing. When discarded, these toners are dumped in a landfill. Being made of plastic, it takes centuries for a single cartridge to decompose. Not the most ideal situation for a healthy environment.

When cartridges are recycled, the resources required to manufacture them are certainly lower as compared to manufacturing a new cartridge, thus the production costs are also less. This allows for cheap pricing. Almost every brand manufacturer follows the loss leader pricing strategy wherein their printers are priced ridiculously cheap but when you go to buy a cartridge for that very printer from your very own brand manufacturer, you may have to shell out exorbitant sums. With the barrage of compatible cartridge manufacturers in the industry, that’s their strategy for survival.


The Decision of Choice

OEM cartridges, as produced by brand manufacturers, promise impeccable quality and perfection. But at the same time, the price of these is also quite high. What further shoots up the cost of print per page is the unused ink/toner that is left over in the cartridge when it signals cartridge exhaustion. Brand manufacturers are known to design their cartridges in a manner that does not use up the entire ink in them before they cry foul.

Compatible cartridges, on the other hand, promise quality results, high performance and reliability all at attractively cheap prices. As these are produced by recycling the non-biodegradeable shells, compatible cartridges are an eco-friendly option. Most manufacturers, like Quality Cartridge, also run their products through a strict quality-testing process to ensure that the end products sold to the customers do not compromise on quality. All compatible cartridges at Quality Cartridge meet Grade A standards. As an added benefit, compatible cartridges are filled with more toner/ink as compared to OEM cartridges and thus your resultant cost per print is also low.


The Verdict

If you require 100% results at all times or need to print sharp, super-high quality photos and are okay with the prices, you can grab an OEM cartridge for your printer.

If you want to spend less, care for the environment and always get your money’s worth, a compatible cartridge is your thing. If you need to print text at almost all times, the compatible cartridge is your best friend.


The ultimate decision is yours, really!