Print or Not to Print?!

 Did you know that a 100 pager document (printed using size 12 font, with a 1.25" left and right indentation and top and bottom margins spaced at 1", with double-spaced lines and using simplex printing) can be brought down to 15 pages using size 10 font, and spacing the left, right, top, and bottom margins at 0.75" with single spacing and duplex printing)?


Stand up if you have ever printed a document that you could have easily read online or on your mobile devices.


Don’t get us wrong – we are definitely not against printing. We are pro-conservation and against the unnecessary wastage of resources. Every now and then, we see an email with the very serious ‘think before printing’ tag at the end of it. While we believe that some people do need reminding, we are unsure of how much it is relevant or is actually heeded. We mean not everyone is ‘printer-happy’ out there.


What worries us is the sheer amount of documents that are created, with multiple copies – now is that really necessary? Something, as simple as, not printing on both sides of a document. Or not editing a document that leaves a Page 3 of 3, for instance, almost completely blank with just a line or two on it. We are pretty sure that over 50% of the pages that we print over all are never even looked at.


Trust us; we have all seen our friends and family subscribe to phone e-bills, only to witness them printing the bills for ‘records’. It’s weird but only symbolizes that we now live in a quirky digital world. We are not in favour of printing emails because we are all for making that ‘small difference’ and saving paper, protecting trees. Think about it, the email saves your documents in bits and bytes and is more lasting than prints. We like to say this again and again – this is a great time to go paperless.


But if you have to, duplex! Set your computer defaults to double-sided page printing. Use smaller fonts and lesser margins. Use a printing preview to see if any of your pages are ‘almost’ blank. And lastly, use an efficient printer. Not one that likes to jam and print your documents only half way!


Quality Cartridge also recommends using recycled cartridges for your toner needs. Our remanufactured cartridges pass through strict quality checks and are only offered to our customers if they are at A-level quality. In fact, in the rare event if you are not satisfied with our product, we offer you no-quibble money-back guarantee. Remanufactured cartridges just make for a smarter pro-environment and money-saving choice!