To Buy - What to Buy!

Managing and maintaining a printer is not a walk in the park considering the various things one needs to lookout for while using one. Right from cartridges to paper, shopping for cartridge supplies needs some thought. Especially when out shopping for cartridges, there are various options available –like multipacks, high yield cartridges, standard yield cartridges and so on– which can boggle the mind of the shopper is one’s not aware of the differences in each. This article from Quality Cartridge helps you understand the differences and make an informed decision based on your needs.

Page yield or cartridge yield is the standard number of pages that can be printed with a printer cartridge under standard conditions. It helps the users determine the cost per print of the cartridge.

Multipacks are typically bundles of multiple cartridges packed in one. Multipacks usually comprise a cyan, magenta, yellow and black cartridge each. If your printing needs require you to run to the printer cartridge supply store every too often, going for multipacks can be a good choice. Multipacks often come at relatively lower prices and offer you the benefit of savings. Depending on your supplier, you can save anywhere between 10-25% on multipacks as opposed to being each of them as standalone pieces. Multipacks also help you save time and shipping expenses as you’d have to go through the entire procedure only once.

High-yield cartridges:
High-yield cartridges are high-capacity cartridges that are of the same physical size but have a higher quantity of toner filled in them. The higher quantity of toner filled in the cartridge helps generate an increased number of prints thus resulting in a decreased cost per print. Using a high-yield cartridge also helps reduce intervention time and longer lasting cartridge means less frequent cartridge change required. A high-yield cartridge also indirectly helps you reduce your carbon footprint.  When you use a high-yield cartridge, you need to change cartridges less frequently. Each discarded empty cartridge that is thrashed ends up in the landfill and takes between 450 to 1000 years to decompose. Manufacturing a cartridge requires about 3.5 litres of oil to manufacture. So the lesser cartridges end up in the dump, the better.

Standard-yield cartridges:
Standard-yield cartridges are the normal cartridges that are available for your printer. The number of pages that can be printed using a standard-yield cartridge is vastly different as compared to a high-yield cartridge. For instance, a standard-yield cartridge will give you a page yield of 2200 pages, whereas the high-yield cartridge will give you a page yield of 4000 pages. The difference is just a little less than double! A standard-yield cartridge is advisable when your printer usage is very minimal and you do not require high volumes of prints often. An un-used or rarely used cartridge has the potential to dry up and may become unsuitable for use. Using a high-yield cartridge for such cases is highly wasteful.

Each type has its benefits and disadvantages, based on your need and requirements, you can make a choice and we can deliver!