Compatible Cartridges for a Compatible Earth

Do we ever throw the thrash around in the house? No. We keep our house as spic and span as we can. But what about the environment – the earth that is the house of all men and animals alike? With the increase in non-biodegradable items landing up in landfills each year, the pollution levels are shooting higher with each passing day. Non-biodegradable waste comprises synthetic material that does not decompose easily and lingers in the environment for hundreds of years, emitting harmful gases into the environment. While most of this damage is not evident to the eye, the harm being caused to the environment is humongous.

Doing our little bit for the environment can make a huge difference –in the big picture. The amount of waste generated everyday can be controlled by simply following the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The 3Rs can be well understood in the context of prints, printers and printer cartridges. Every time you decide to hit the Ctrl-P keys, stop a moment and think, do you really need the prints? All it takes to reduce waste is a conscious thought. Every time you do need a print, use both sides of the paper – reduce and reuse. Every time you need to replace the printer cartridge in your printer, go for compatible toner cartridges – recycle.

Each year over 375 million printer cartridges are disposed off improperly thus ending up in landfills or incinerators. Printer cartridges are manufactured using engineering grade polymer, rubber, foam, toner, etc. Most of these are tough to decompose and remain in the soil for over hundreds of years continuously emitting toxic pollutants. A printer cartridge takes over 450 to 1000 years to decompose. Often times, residual ink from the cartridge oozes out polluting the environment. Most types of inks and toners used in cartridges are classified as carcinogenic and so, infinitely harmful. Each laser cartridge requires about 3.5 litres of oil to manufacture so you can imagine the amount of difference choosing a recycled cartridge each time can make to the environment.

Compatible/remanufactured cartridges are made by recycling empty cartridges. Empty cartridges are unassembled and checked for damage. Each part is cleaned and any part that requires replacement is changed, and then filled with new toner before being sealed. By choosing compatible/recycled toner cartridges, you not only save the environment, you also save money. Compatible toner cartridges require lesser resources to manufacture and often save you up to 80% as compared to the price of any OEM toner cartridges. With each compatible cartridge you use, you reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the environment, thus reducing your carbon footprint. All this and more, without compromising on quality. Compatible toner cartridges offer as good quality prints as you’d get from any OEM cartridge.

At Quality Cartridge, our compatible cartridges are not only cheaply priced but also quality tested to meet grade A standards. Along with cheap pricing and best quality, our compatible toner cartridges also come with a no-quibble guarantee that promises full refund in the event of a cartridge being damaged or faulty.

Some trivia about compatible toner cartridges:

  • Recycling 100,000 cartridges is equivalent to saving 9599 kilograms of aluminum, 1,000,000 litres of oil and over 40 tons of polymer.
  • The number of cartridges being thrown away each year can circle the earth multiple times if put end-to-end.
  • A used cartridge can be recycled up to 7 times in the least.
  • Using recycled cartridges can help you save up to 80% on printer expenses.